Art Audio Composer Solo Turntable - No Arm or Cartridge

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It’s no secret that the Art Audio Composer started life as the Clarity Turntables made by Claro Engineering, the world respected aerospace engineers. However, for various reasons, this project, which was started by Claro for a client never came to fruition.  At this point, Art Audio saw the potential of the basic design and took over the project and its future development.  The company’s managing director and designer, Tom Willis, was well suited to this as his background was initially in electro-mechanical engineering.

Technically the Composer turntables are second to none. They consist of a plinth made from black anodized aluminum machined to a tolerance of +/- 0.01mm which is mounted on three machined aluminum feet.   

To ensure rotational stability, the Composer has a dual motor design.  These two AC motors provide excellent torque and when matched paired with the Phase 1 Power Supply, you can achieve flawless speed control.  

We then have the first centrally mounted CNC machined subplatter that is perfectly concentric and balanced, If desired, our second high mass sub-plater can be added.  It adds mass, improves rotational stability and gives a strobe marking, (ideal for fine tuning speeds with the Phase 1 power supply). Then you have the  solid “Acetal” acrylic platter. These are machined and polished to a flawless black finish.  Additionally, there is a clear perspex cover system that literally encapsulates the deck when not it use, protecting it from dust, etc. 

If you have  your own arm, please contact us and we can customize the SME Mount to ensure a perfect fit

This table is available in a black anodized aluminum finish.  If you would like a custom color, they are available and please contact us. 

This table is made to order in the UK and will ship in 4-6 weeks.