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Questyle CMA18 Portable DAC/AMP

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Small in size, big on performance. The Questyle CMA18 Portable is a flagship mobile DAC/amp, featuring a distinctive, flawless, and unique design, in a portable form. Portability no longer implies a compromise in performance.

The CMA18 Portable was primarily designed to create a Hi-Fi system for smartphones and laptops, aiming to achieve performance comparable to top-tier desktop setups, within a portable size.


Sandblasted aviation-grade aluminum surfaces with silver high-gloss buttons and side panels, custom Corning glass on both the front and back with a gradient dot pattern, and an RF signal-suppressing coating give the CMA18 Portable a unique appearance while outlining its hardcore performance.


CMA18 Portable incorporates four sets of patented PCT-class current-mode SiP chips, each with a peak power of up to 5W and a peak current of 2A, delivering robust driving power. Gain settings, coupled with high-energy current-mode amplifier technology, ensure powerful and flexible performance.

  • Output power: >1W
  • Instantaneous output current: Up to 2A

Four sets of self-developed current-mode PCT patented SIP chips, CC630/CA630, ensure the best thrust and lowest power consumption in the industry, coupled with 4.4mm headphone output and high/low gain mode switching, unlocking the full potential of all IEMs and top-tier over-ear headphones.
Optional 3.5mm/4.4mm headphone jacks and gain switching ensure precise matching with any headphones.

  • Four sets of self-developed current-mode patented SIP chips: CC630/CA630
  • AKM DAC chip: AK4493
  • Exceptional D/A converting capabilities: PCM768 | 32Bit
  • Latest XMOS USB platform: XU316

*Bluetooth mode supports both aptX HD and LDAC, ensuring optimal wireless sound quality with a stable wireless connection.


The CMA18 Portable's 4300mAh lithium battery power management system ensures the purest sound quality and isolates top-tier performance from the power supply dependence of smartphones and PCs.

  • Lithium battery power management system: 4300mAh
  • Battery life: 10h


The CMA18 Portable has two stereo line-in inputs - 3.5mm (AUX IN) and 4.4mm (BAL IN). They can be connected to any audio equipment that has line-out analog outputs, including turntable systems, pre-amps, mixing consoles, and more. Once connected, the CMA18 Portable is capable of functioning as an external, lossless, high-performance analog-to-digital (ADC) recording device for either of these inputs. It also allows the user to simultaneously monitor the input during the recording process via the 3.5mm or 4.4mm outputs.

How to use the recording function: When the CMA18 Portable is set to either AUX IN or BAL IN mode and connected via USB to a host device (any phone, tablet, or computer, etc that ensures the recording over USB sound cards), both the USB connection and REC indicator lights will appear, signaling that the recording function is enabled. There are no special requirements for recording software as long as it supports recording via an external USB sound card/audio interface.


Given that high-resolution lossless streaming is accessible on smartphones and PCs, we have also considered the needs of audiophiles, as well as those interested in recording and musical production.
The user-friendly interface and powerful performance of CMA18 Portable - combined with Questyle's released 3.5mm-RCA and 4.4mm-XLR cables - enable the CMA18 Portable to connect to 2-channel Hi-Fi devices, bringing wonderful lossless music to your home. It also allows recording and musical production professionals to connect to monitor speakers and mixing consoles on-site.