NY Audio Show 2021

Posted by Scott Bierfeldt on

We are excited to announce we are going to be exhibiting at the NY Audio Show in March of 2022.  We will be in Room 703 at the AMA Conference Center in Manhattan.  

For the show, we are going to be showing both the Verdant Nightshade and Blackthorn with a Perlisten Subwoofer, AVM Rotation 2.3 Turntable, Art Audio Vinyl One Copper Reference Phono Stage, AVM Evolution PA 5.2 Preamp, Art Audio Opus 4 Power Amps, Puritan Power Conditionion, Clarus Crimson Interconnects and Power Cords and we are still deciding if we are going to show the Weiss 501 or Audiobyte HydraVox. 

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