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Verdant Audio offers a 30 day in-home trial on all of our products.  Don't like it, return to us within 30 days for a full refund, you just pay return shipping. 

We also realize that some customers may want to only pay a deposit while they wait for product to ship.  Please send an e-mail to with your order details or call or text me at 475-350-9876.   

As an avid audiophile for over 25 years, the idea of developing my own speaker has been germinating for a while. Verdant Audio blossomed into a reality more recently, when I had exhausted my speaker options- none of which were meeting my specific criteria. I had spent several years searching for a speaker that delivered everything I wanted; great looks, excellent separation of sound, immersive soundstage, and integration with my equipment-- all within a reasonable price point under $10,000.   My wife challenged me to develop my own, and after much research and testing, I realized that composites were perfect materials to create a cabinet that delivered an amazing listening experience. Not used in many speakers on the market, these materials are rigid with superior sound damping properties.  I then selected world-class drivers and collaborated with a master cross-over designer. The results were so impressive, that I decided to share my design with not only fellow audiophiles, but music lovers in general.


The mission of Verdant Audio is to offer a superb listening experience to anyone who considers music an integral part of their life.  Perhaps you like to unwind to vinyl after a long day of work? Or maybe you couldn’t think of hosting a party without a killer playlist. However you enjoy music, Verdant Audio will allow you to effortlessly relax, unwind, party, chill or meditate, without having to break the bank. Our speakers allow the music to bloom, transforming your room into the soundstage you deserve. We invite you to take a listen for yourself!