Collection: Current Inventory for Sale

This is our current inventory as of 03-26-2024 - All of this is in-stock and will ship within 48 hours while most will ship same day.  Many other items are in-stock at our distributors and ship quickly.  

New Products:

AGD Duet Power Amps

NAD C268 Power Amp (One - Open Box)

Audiobyte HydraVox DAC & ZAP PSU (One)

Audiobyte Super HUB in Silver (One)

Rockna Wavelight Server in Black (Two)

Rockna Wavelight DAC in Black (One)

Meze Liric Headphones (One - Open Box)

Focal Bathys Noise Cancelling Headphones (Three)

Musical Fidelity MX-Stream (Two, One Silver, One Black)

Innuos Pulse Mini 

Fostex TH900 mk2 Limited Edition Only Black Headphones

Lyngdorf Integrated Amp

Retail Demo:

Demo - Soul Note DA-2 DAC in Silver

Meze Liric Heaphones 


Allnic M-2500 20w Power Amps with PX25s

Fleetwood DeVille SD w/ Iron Stands and Black Finish

Esoteric F-03A Integrated Amp

Audience FrontRow 2M HP Power Cable

Straightwire Crescendo Level 4 RCA Cables

Ayon Kronos Signature DAC/Preamp

Moon Audio 430HA D Headphone Amp and DAC

Soundaware D300 Streamer

Sonnet Hermes Streamer

CI Audio VHP2 Headphone Amp

Monitor Audio Silver 8s in White (Pair)

Audiobyte HydraVox/ZAP/HUB (Full Stack Used)

Cary Audio DMS-600 DAC/Streamer

Arriving Soon: 

Playback Designs Merlot DAC

VAC Master Preamp w/ Phono


Dynaudio Contour Center Channel in Black

Perlisten D12s Subwoofer


Clarus Cables:

1M High Current Power Cord - Crimson - 2 Units

2M High Current Power Cord - Crimson - 1 Unit

We have HC Power Cords, RCAs, XLRs, USB, Digital Coax, Speaker Cables and AES Available for Demo