Current Inventory for Sale

This is our current inventory as of 01-19-2023 - All of this is in-stock and will ship within 48 hours while most will ship same day.  Many other items are in-stock at our distributors and ship quickly.  

New Products:

Verdant Nightshade in Walnut

Verdant Nightshade in Natural Cherry

Verdant Blackthorn in Gloss Black

Perlisten S4b Monitors in Gloss Black

NAD M33 Integrated Amps (Two)

Focal Bathys Noise Cancelling Headphones (Five)

Open Box Focal Utopia 2020 Edition Headphones

Retail Demo:

Demo - Antipodes K50 in Silver

Demo - Playback Edelweiss in Silver with Stream X2 Module

Demo - Vivid Kaya 45s in Oyster Matte Grey

Demo - Unison Research Phono One




AVM PA 5.2 Preamp in Silver

Perlisten R5m Monitors in Black (One Pair)

Modwright Oppo UDP 205 with outboard PS

Monitor Audio Silver 8s in White (Pair)

Monitor Audio Gold C150 Center in White

HiFi Rose RS250 Network Streamer

Audiobyte Black Dragon DAC

SME Model 309 Tonearm

Verastaar Grand Illusion Speaker Cables 10'

Verastaar Grand Illusion Power Cable 5'

Audioquest Coffee HDMI

Arriving Soon: 

Dynaudio Contour Center Channel in Black

Clarus Cables:

1M High Current Power Cord - Crimson - 2 Units

2M High Current Power Cord - Crimson - 1 Unit

We have HC Power Cords, RCAs, XLRs, USB, Digital Coax, Speaker Cables and AES Available for Demo


Emission Labs:

300B - Temporarily out-of-stock

300B XLS - Temporarily out-of-stock

300B Mesh - Two Pairs in-stock

300B Mesh 2.5V - One Pair in-stock

320B XLS - Temporarily out-of-stock

520B XLS - 1 Pair

2A3 - Two Pairs in-stock

45 - Temporarily out-of-stock

45 Mesh - Temporarily out-of-stock

274 B - Temporarily out-of-stock

5U4G - Temporarily out-of-stock

5Z3 - 2 Units

80 - 1 Unit

30A - 1 Pair