Current Inventory for Sale

This is our current inventory as of 08-25-2022 - All of this is in-stock and will ship within 48 hours while most will ship same day.  Many other items are in-stock at our distributors and ship quickly.  

New Products:

New Verdant Nightshade in Walnut

New Verdant Nightshade in Natural Cherry

New Verdant Blackthorn in Gloss Black

New Niagara 3000 Power Conditioner


Retail Demo:

Demo - Antipodes K50 in Silver

Demo - AVM A5.2 Integrated Amp in Black

Demo - Hegel H590 Integrated Amp


dCS Rossini DAC in Silver

Sugden Masterclass LA-4 Preamp


Arriving Soon: 

Used - Kef KF92 Subwoofer


 Clarus Cables:

1M High Current Power Cord - Crimson - 2 Units

2M High Current Power Cord - Crimson - 1 Unit

We have HC Power Cords, RCAs, XLRs, USB, Digital Coax, Speaker Cables and AES Available for Demo


Emission Labs:

300B - Temporarily out-of-stock

300B XLS - Temporarily out-of-stock

300B Mesh - Two Pairs in-stock

300B Mesh 2.5V - One Pair in-stock

320B XLS - Temporarily out-of-stock

520B XLS - 1 Pair

2A3 - Two Pairs in-stock

45 - Temporarily out-of-stock

45 Mesh - Temporarily out-of-stock

274 B - Temporarily out-of-stock

5U4G - Temporarily out-of-stock

5Z3 - 2 Units

80 - 1 Unit

30A - 1 Pair

KR Audio Tubes

KT88 - Temporarily out-of-stock

274 B - 1 Unit