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inakustik Reference Air LS-1204 Speaker Cables

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Wiring: Single
Length: 2.5M
Termination: Banana (Both Ends)
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  • Air Helix structure
  • Extremely low capacities thanks to air dielectric
  • Cross Link Super Speed waveguide
  • 4-fold Multicore
  • Tellurium-copper connectors
  • Directly crimped connectors (1.5 T pressure)
As speaker cables carry the highest currents in the entire setup, they require an adequate wire size to ensure low-loss transmission. The current generates correspondingly strong magnetic fields. In addition, the cable inductance constitutes a frequency-dependent resistance to the (alternating) current. Therefore, speaker cables are required to be low-inductance. Exactly this has been systematically implemented with the LS-1204 Air: A highly sophisticated wire layout – the “fourfold multicore” design – lowers the inductance, thus producing a fully neutral sound over a wide frequency range. Moreover, the design leads to a neutralization of overlapping magnetic fields around the individual conductors. All frequencies are transmitted freely and without any latency, allowing for producing an incredibly open sound with unprecedented detail. At the end of the Air Helix, the four conductors inside the LS-1204 run into so-called aluminum splitters arranging them for the receiving connector. Between the splitter and the connector, in-akustik implements ultra-flexible parts molded from a special elastomer. These parts are fixed inside the splitter using a specifically designed plastic plug, thus ensuring maximum cable flexibility even in the connector region. The molded parts extend to the connector front and enclose the inner connector components, which underlines the plain yet charming appearance of the LS-1204 Air.


In our quest to find true air insulation, we have certainly set standards with our Reference series for high end audio. Our unique Air Helix technology leads the way to unspoiled audio transmission. Now we have added two top notch Reference Air Helix cables for the high end audiophile that is on a budget. They are NF-1204 interconnects and the LS-1204 Air speaker cables. They are for every aspiring music aficionado and they can benefit from this high tech design. Thanks to air insulation, enjoying hi-fi sound becomes literally a breath taking experience. References cables with our innovative Air Helix design has enthralled numerous high end enthusiasm around the world as well as the trade media. Built for interconnecting true "reference" high end devices they can certainly make more than just a small difference in the sound of best-in-class audio systems. The 1204 Reference model is tailored to the needs of many small but yet high end systems and the budget of their owners. Carefully crafted with outstanding properties, these cables help any high end system produce the perfect sound. 


For better understanding, lets dive into the technical details. It's widely known that the dielectrics (i.e. the insulating material) of a capacitor plays an important role for the sound quality of hi-fi components and speakers, therefore our engineers always select all the parts with the greatest of care, even those incorporating the smallest amount of the dielectric. On the other hand, a cable of some length typically might incorporate several hundred cubic centimeters of dielectric material, mainly the electrical insulation. The dielectric stores an electric charge or energy, which is perfectly fine with electronic components such as capacitors. But with cables, the resulting capacity is a "parasitic" effect and this is undesirable for natural music production because it significantly affects the transmission properties and leads to interactions with connected electronics. 


When it comes to high end audio, air is the best insulator currently available. Using it allows for achieving low capacities and low dielectric losses, this is the key factors to unspoiled transmission. Any extra material use on a cable (e.g. PVC insulation) causes a degradation of its electrical properties. In an ideal world there wouldn't any insulation material and this is why our Air Helix cable design is a step towards perfect air insulation. The Air Helix principal is literally unique. We have designed a special clip to approximate to air insulation as closely as possible. Inside the cable, a large number of those clips are arrange to form a special helical support holding the signal conductors freely in the air while keeping them at an exact distance throughout the cable. The structure is highly flexible thanks to the two cross pieces that do not only interconnect the clips but also insure high accuracy spacing. 


Obviously, the conductors themselves play a key role in the Air Helix design. The Cross Link Super Speed waveguide is made of high purity copper wires braided around a PE core. A very thin lacquer coating on the wires prevents the formation of eddy currents inside the waveguide. The braided wire design also produces neutralizing effects by insuring that magnetic fields created by the current are at least partly compensated. In particular with speaker cables that carry the highest current into the entire audio path, this design insures neutral conductor behaviour over the entire frequency spectrum. 


Just like all speaker and audio cables from our Reference series, the LS-1204 Air and NF-1204Air are entirely manufactured in Germany. The clips are meticulously assembled by hand at on-site factory in Germany. The resulting Air Helix design then receives a PE network jacket before the finish cable is subjected to a thorough and final inspection. We have opted for Tellurium copper as the conductor base material rather than brass. This is because Tellurium copper offers almost twice the conductivity. Than using custom made machine strips, a complex technique with lacquer coating on the highly pure copper wires of the Cross Link Super Speed waveguide is formed. Afterward the bare wires are crimped with a 1.5-t pressure directly on the connector. This technique prevents the occurrence of contact resistance that often occurs with the use of additional materials such as solder, wire and sleeves. The connector surfaces are rhodium coated because this is an extremely robust material that insures optimum contact.