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Weiss DAC 204

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Optional PSU 102 Available via special order.

Dare we call the DAC204 a Swiss army knife? It is certainly the most versatile digital-to-analogue converter in Weiss Engineering’s product offering.

Use the DAC204 for easy switching between multiple units with digital outputs — including a computer or mobile with USB out — and enjoy the pristine and low-jitter conversion to analogue audio from the unit’s outputs. The DAC204 can also convert DSD audio to PCM and offers a digital output in the AES/EBU format.

The DAC204 is a multi-format digital-to-analogue and digital-to-digital converter. Its many input and output options make it equally useful for use in a professional mixing or mastering studio as for an audiophile-grade listening room.

It employs no less than four oversampling sigma-delta D/A converters per channel, operated in parallel for enhanced signal-to-noise performance.

The DAC204 accepts incoming digital audio streams straight from any USB-equipped computer, tablet, or mobile phone. It can also receive S/PDIF and AES/EBU audio via its S/PDIF or Toslink connectors.

The DAC204 converts the incoming digital streams to analogue audio, which simultaneously appears on its balanced XLR connectors and unbalanced RCA connectors.

It can also perform digital-to-digital conversion and output digital audio in AES/EBU or S/PDIF formats through the corresponding connectors and a BNC output connector.

Should the incoming audio be in DSD format, the DAC204 can convert that to PCM.

The DAC204 can be permanently connected to multiple digital units, and the user can easily switch between them with the front-mounted Input Selector switch.

Back Panel Elements

  • Digital inputs on USB, RCA, and Toslink connectors.
  • Analog outputs on XLR and RCA connectors.
  • Digital outputs (AES/EBU) on stereo XLR, RCA, and BNC connectors. 
  • Two toggle switches for output level setting.
  • External power supply connector.


Depth: 16.5 cm / 6.5 inches
Width: 10.5 cm / 4.2 inches
Height: 9.5 cm / 3.8 inches

Steve Huff Review June 2023