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Antipodes Oladra Server-Player-Reclocker

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Verdant Audio has an Oladra on display for evaluation.  

With ground-breaking fidelity to the original event, the Oladra brings you closer than ever before to the sound of real voices and real instruments making vibrant, dramatic and captivating music in real spaces.

The Oladra employs an innovative new Server engine, plus enhanced Player and Reclocker engines. A new power scheme involves a triple cascade power supply macro-topology integrating four unique micro-topologies.

User installable SSD storage, one-click to select from the world’s best playback solutions, with a full range of digital audio outputs.

“The most striking difference between the [K50] and the new Antipodes flagship is this resolution.”

“I experienced almost unexpected things: I had not suspected such a wealth of detail, or rather: feared. Just one example from the first track “The Vision of Rassan Medley”: there is a Mmm vocal accompaniment, which the Oladra undoubtedly offers in multiple voices. When I played the K50 again for comparison, I heard this now, but less clearly, thicker and not so authentic. It sounded wider and sonorous. The Oladra also depicts the timbres of percussion more vividly, clearly and color-intensive. It gives voices and instruments more independence and presents them more directly.”

“You can now experience the music cleaner, purified and therefore with more nuances, which is always useful for listening pleasure. The colors and radiance of the high tones are even more convincing than in the low pitches. Phenomenal how clear, physical and authentic singing is now played.”

“I’ve praised Antipodes Audio’s devices for their hassle-free reproduction of digital music files like no other competitor I’ve seen. The Oladra is also able to do this, but conveys even more lightness, nuance and richness of detail – simply more music. Above all, it is the brilliantly resolved highs and the accentuated low frequency range with which it outperforms the K50.”

“The Oladra is in a class of its own.”

HIFI STATEMENT | 11 October 2022 | Wolfgang Klemper

“After adding Antipodes Oladra to our system to play music, the sound density and cleanliness have been greatly improved. There is no influence of impurities.”

“The Antipodes Oladra does not have obvious so-called digital noise, which often makes the music feel particularly noisy. The advantage is that it directly reflects the simplicity of the sound quality. Full and pure and natural, it feels firm in sound positioning, and does not feel light and airy.”

“The density of the sound has been significantly improved, the overall audio and video are broader, the dynamic and three-dimensional sense of the picture have been upgraded.”

“Then I heard the song “Summertime” brought by Renee Olstead. The Antipodes Oladra reduced the burrs and noise, making the sound more restored. With the Antipodes Oladra it was immediately improved, the soprano is more passionate, and even the breath is much clearer, and the details of the vibrato are effortlessly presented, without wasting or hiding a single bit.”

“In the middle section, when brass instruments, jazz drums, piano, and vocals bloom together, there is a feeling of blooming, rich and lively. The composition of the music reminds people of a grand and gorgeous stage play or musical. After adding Antipodes Oladra, everything became clearer. The picture is so realistic. Because of the increased sense of cohesion, the sound is cleaner and more transparent. It feels as satisfying as just enjoying a wonderful and rich stage play.”

MY-HiEND | 4 November 2022 | Leo Yeh (contribs. Ted Chen, Wacko Wang)

Price Before Duties & Taxes USD25,000
Direct Stream Ethernet Output Yes
USB Audio 2.0 Output
– PCM to 32 bit/768kHz
– DoP to DSD256
– Native DSD to DSD512
S/PDIF Output on RCA & BNC
– PCM to 24bit/192kHz
– DoP to DSD64
AES3 Output on XLR
– PCM to 24bit/192kHz
– DoP to DSD64
I2S Output on HDMI & RJ45
– PCM to 32bit/384kHz
– DoP to DSD256
– Native DSD to DSD512
User installable storage 3Bay SSD Slide-In
Up to 24TB
Hardware Modules V7H Server
V7X Player
R2i Reclocker
AC Supply
– 110-120VAC 60Hz
– 220-240VAC 50Hz
Switchable By Authorised Technician
Width 445mm or 17.5″
Depth 400mm or 15.7″
Height 80mm or 3.2″
Weight 21kg or 46lb
3 Years Warranty Extendable to 5 Years with Registration Yes