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Bricasti M25 Stereo Power Amplifier

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The Bricasti Design

Model 25 Stereo Power Amplifier

The M25 stereo amplifier finds a special place in the Bricasti family of amplifiers through its implementation of a dual mono transformer design, essentially creating a hybrid of the traditional single transformer M15 stereo amplifier and its larger M28 mono-block brethren. The M25 is rated at 150 W / 300 W / 600 W per channel into 8ohms, 4ohms and 2ohm loads respectively.

Dual Mono

The M25 integrates seamlessly with superb current delivery in a smaller footprint for those desiring additional power but lack the needed space for hefty amplifier pairs. Dual transformers render a beautiful sense of depth and dimension while a single-transformer design like the M15 stereo amplifier excels with impressive imaging and detail as both channels lock to a single transformer.

Fully differential

Like the entire line of Bricasti amplifiers, the M25’s fully differential balanced design delivers a fast, low distortion, open and harmonically accurate musical experience. Paired with any of the Bricasti line of fully differential digital to analog converters, a truly balanced system can be enjoyed.

Perfect match

The M25 is designed to play nice with your line of equipment. A unique feature like trim control lets you properly gain stage the M25, critical with todays digital sources driving the amplifier directly. Stillpoints isolation devices have been designed directly into the feet for maximum isolation from vibration.