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Emission Labs 2A3-S (Pair)

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This tube is a plug & play, direct replacement for original the RCA 2A3 mono Anode tube. It is nicely designed for the same appearance too. The 2A3-S will bias exactly at the original operating point.  For those who wish to operate this tube at a higher power, this is also possible. You can go up to 28Watt Single-Ended, which will give 9.3 Watt RMS output signal. For best sound, it is recommended to use a normal 2A3 SE transformer,  and get the higher dissipation by increasing the Anode voltage. 

You can  make a push-pull circuit that has a peak power dissipation of 40Watt per tube, at  full output signal. This will give 40Watt (or more) output signal. Without signal, the power dissipation needs to drop at 28Watt per tube. 

The EML 2A3-S  tube is constructed for low  microphonics All critical parts, like filaments and  grids  are made of hard metal for higher reliability and reproducible quality. The tube base is now glued on the glass with anti-vibration rubber.