Art Audio Diavolo SET 300B Copper Reference 10w Integrated Amplifier

Art Audio Diavolo SET 300B Copper Reference 10w Integrated Amplifier

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This is our Diavolo Copper Reference Amplifier with three single ended (RCA) inputs and a remote volume control.  

There is nothing like the musical sound of a single ended design.  The simplified signal path lays bare all the information available from the source played (good and bad) and the triode design gives a true flat response through those terrible cross over elements in the speaker.  The only criticism around single ended amps was poor frequency extremes, so we tackled this in our designs.

The NEW Diavolo is equipped with huge power supplies and transformers for bass extension and better control.  Driver valves, resistor and capacitor selection for transparent high resolution, extending frequency extremes and in particular the output transformer design to keep the subtle high frequency information produced by the electronic design.

The Diavolo 300B delivers 10 watts triode with 4 and 8 ohm taps

Speakers with an SPL of 100dB and above required for best results.

The Diavolo 300B has been upgraded to Copper Reference.  Copper Reference means that it is wired using only continuous cast copper and is fitted with Art Audio's Silver Foil Coupling Capacitors.  


  • Power - 10w Per Channel
  • Type - SET 300B Power Tube
  • Frequency Response - 5hz to 20,000hz +/- 0.5dB at 1W
  • Frequency Response - 20hz to 20,000hz +/- 1.5dB at Full Power
  • Input Sensitivity - 450mv
  • Input Impedance - 120 KΩ
  • Output Impedance - 4Ω and 8Ω
  • Noise at Speaker Terminals - Typically 0.8mv
  • Feedback - 0 dB
  • Biasing - Automatic Electronic
  • Rectifier - Valve GZ 37
  • Drivers - 6922 and 12 BH7

This product is made to order in the UK.  Delivery typically takes 4-6 Weeks.