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inakustik Reference Air NF-2404 Interconnects

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Termination: XLR
Length: 1M
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Breathtaking sound through air insulation - On their way to perfect insulation, German cable manufacturer in-akustik has realized many innovative designs—for example, the DUO PE insulation or the PETS (PE tube support). Now, another groundbreaking invention has arrived: the Referenz NF-2404. A product that again raises the bar and approximates the ideal of pure air insulation as closely as never before. When it comes to high-end applications, air is still the best insulator currently available as it achieves low capacities and low losses. With NF cables (fitted with RCA or XLR plugs), these factors are critical for creating an exceptional connection. But consistent design is equally important: The precisely defined distance between the conductors and the shield must be maintained at all times. Flexibility is another key challenge - the cable must allow for conveniently running it behind your hi-fi equipment or rack. Just like all loudspeaker and audio cables from the Referenz series, the NF- 2404 is entirely made in Germany. The clips are meticulously assembled by hand at the on-site factory and then threaded into the Super Speed waveguide. The resulting Air Helix is then provided with a shield and the PE network jacket and finally fitted with GAP-RCA-II or XLR plugs. It may seem paradoxical but thanks to this highly innovative air-insulation design, enjoying hi-fi sound becomes a virtually breathtaking experience


Air remains the best insulator for cables. It allows low capacitance and low losses. With the air helix structure of the reference NF-2404, we are closer to pure air insulation than ever before. Just as important as the insulation is a homogeneous structure. This means that the conductors and the shielding must maintain precisely defined distances to one another. To meet these requirements, we have developed a special clip. Strung together in the interior of the cable, several of such clips form the supporting frame that holds the two symmetrically arranged conductors in a helix-shape in the air while keeping the shielding at the exact distance.


Obviously, the conductors themselves play a key role, too. For the NF-2404, they are made of 32 high-purity copper wires braided around a PE core. A very thin lacquer coating on the wires prevents the formation of eddy currents inside this Super Speed waveguide. A conductor that can also pass on extremely dynamic signal sequences very quickly and precisely.


We have long set the bar very high in regard to quality, because cables and connections are extremely sensitive. Physical phenomena that arise during the transmission of signals can only be controlled with technical finesse and the best materials. For this reason all cables are manufactured in a German cable mill and finished by us in Ballrechten-Dottingen in elaborate manual work.