KR Audio 300B (matched pair)

KR Audio 300B (matched pair)

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This is the KR Audio 300B.  Delivers 6-12w of pure, Class A power.  Sold in matched pairs.  KR Audio offers a six month warranty on all tubes from the date they arrive at wholesaler or the date they are installed in an OEM amplifier.  

One of the worlds very best 300Bs, upgrade your Diavolo or Harmony Silver to KR Tubes or use these as a replacement for any classic 300B. 

Maximum Plate Voltage 550 V
Maximum Plate Current 120 mA
Plate Dissipation 50 Watts
Va 450 V
Ia 100 mA
Vg -90 V
Transconductance 6.2 mA/V
Amplification Factor 3.9
Filament Voltage 5 V (DC/AC)
Filament Current 1.2 A


Delivery will typically take 2-4 weeks as these are special order.  Delivery time is longer during August when KR is closed for Holiday.