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KR Audio 845 (matched pair)

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Regular price $1,750.00
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There are 845s and 211s in stock in the US with potentially shorter delivery times.  Please send an e-mail for us to check stock and confirm delivery times.  

This is the KR Audio 845.  Delivers 20-26w of pure, Class A power.  Sold in matched pairs.  Upgrade your Carissa or Quartets or use this 845 as a replacement for any 845 tube in Art Audio Amplifiers. 

In other amps, please contact the manufacturer to determine compatibility.  The standard RCA 845 has a 3.5 A Filament Current while the KR has a 1.0 A Filament current.  Many amps require modification to use this tube.  

KR Audio offers a six month warranty on all tubes from the date they arrive at wholesaler or the date they are installed in an OEM amplifier.  Contact us for pricing to upgrade your Art Audio purchase. 

Maximum Plate Voltage 1250 V
Maximum Plate Current 140 mA
Plate Dissipation 100 Watts
Va 650 V
Ia 90 mA
Vg -68 V
Transconductance 3.0 mA/V
Amplification Factor 5.5
Filament Voltage 10 V (DC/AC)
Filament Current 1.0 A


Delivery will typically take 2-4 weeks as these are special order.  Delivery time is longer during August when KR is closed for Holiday.