KR Audio Marconi R Valve (matched pair)

KR Audio Marconi R Valve (matched pair)

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This is the KR Audio Marconi R Valve also known as the 'TM' Radio Repro Tube.  Sold in matcher pairs, they come with a six month warranty that starts when they arrive at the US Distributor.  

Maximum Plate Voltage 180 V
Maximum Plate Current 2 mA (Vf=4V,Vg=0V)
Va 120 V
Ia 1 mA
Vg -0.5 V
Transconductance 0.3 mA/V
Filament Voltage 4 V (DC/AC)
Filament Current 0.6 A


Delivery will typically take 2-4 weeks as these are special order.  Delivery time is longer during August when KR is closed for Holiday.