Art Audio - Opus 4 - 45w Triode Mono-Blocks (pair)

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The Opus 4 is designed for maximum flexibility.  Using a KT-88 tube wired in Triode, you get 50w of spectacular power.  The unique chassis was developed to be perfect in a stereo application but to take up less space in multi-channel applications.  

Normal mono-blocks take up twice the space of a stereo amplifier.  The Opus 4's narrow chassis takes up half the space.  Separate them like any traditional mono-block or they can be seated together on the same shelf if need be.  

Music is amazing with tubes, home theater is even better.  Movies are not known for spectacularly mastering and sound is regularly harsh and fatiguing.  

Where it would be highly space prohibitive to have five or seven traditional mono-blocks, five of the Opus 4s would take up less space than two solid state amplifiers and 7 only slightly more.  

The Opus 4 is hand-made to order in the UK.  It typically takes 4-6 weeks for delivery.