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Playback Designs MPD-6 Edelweiss DAC

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The Edelweiss DAC borrows technology from our flagship Dream series in a more compact package.

  • Up to 384kHz and up to 11.2MHz DSD 
  • USB I/O, AES, Coax, TosLink, PLink I/O
  • Balanced and unbalanced analog outputs
  • Digitally driven, analog volume control
  • Fully differential discrete DAC
  • Optional internal streaming module
  • Software upgradeable by end user
  • Recording software for file creation on computer

This product has its roots in the Dream series from where it borrows key technologies and combines them with new ones to create a more compact and cost-effective package. It can be operated in two different ways.

1. Standalone For this setup the MPD-6 has five digital inputs (USB, PLINK, AES, Coax, TosLink) to connect any digital source. The Playback Designs proprietary clock generator, jitter and buffering technology (PDFAS) cleans up any digital input signal before subjecting into the D/A process.

2. In connection with the MPS-X digital source and streaming interface In this mode the MPS-X and MPD-6 are combined for the ultimate separation between digital and analog circuits, and therefore for ultimate performance. All the digital sources are no longer connected to the MPD-6 directly, but rather to the MPS-X digital interface which in turn is connected to the MPD-6 via our fiber optical PLINK interface. Also, in this mode all digital source signals have to pass the PDFAS clean-up and buffering mechanism twice: once in the MPS-X and a second time in the MPD-6. This results in even stronger clock signal integrity and sonic performance.

PLINK does not use the same media as TosLink, but it is based on a much higher quality and lower jitter media that is used for very high bandwidth communication links where receivers require an extremely low jitter signal for reliable decoding. For PLINK we use a much lower bandwidth protocol than the specified limit of the media to further increase robustness against jitter.

DAC architecture Discrete with Playback Designs’ own proprietary digital algorithms and differential analog output stage.

PLINK I/O Compatible with Classic, Sonoma, Edelweiss and Dream Series products for native digital audio transmission. Connection to Edelweiss and Dream series products via fiber optical PLINK for optimal separation between digital source and analog output stage of DAC.

Digital inputs

  • USB (PCM up to 384kHz, DSD up to 11.2MHz)
  • AES (PCM up to 192kHz, DSD via DoP)
  • Coax (PCM up to 192kHz, DSD via DoP)
  • TosLink (PCM up to 96kHz)
  • PLINK for all native sample rates

Clock Generator Newest generation PDFAS clocking technology for ultra low jitter performance

Volume control An ultra high end analog volume control can be activated

Software update Playback Designs already created an excellent reputation with its program to offer free software upgrades with new features or new algorithms that the end user can upload into the DAC without the need to return it to the dealer or manufacturer. This will keep the product always up-to-date with the latest trends and, therefore, will help in keeping the value high for this product.

Option Streaming module with full support for PCM up to 384kHz and DSD up to 4x: • direct connection to streaming services such as Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer and vTuner that can be controlled via an app on a tablet. • file playback from network attached storage via DLNA and UPnP (renderer and server function) • Roon end point (“Roon-ready”). With this feature any attached DAC can be integrated into a Roon based server system.