Playback Designs MPS-X Streamer

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We have one MPS-X on order for delivery in October that is currently un-sold.  Please contact us to reserve this unit.   


Edelweiss Digital Frontend / Streamer

MPS-X Playback Designs Digital Frontend, Streamer


  • USB I/O (PCM up to 384kHz, DSD up to 11.2MHz)
  • USB compatibility with Windows, Apple OS, Linux
  • Streaming (Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, vTuner, NAS)
  • PLink input for all native sample rates
  • AES input (PCM up to 192kHz, DSD via DoP)
  • Coax input (PCM up to 192kHz, DSD via DoP)
  • TosLink input (PCM up to 96kHz)
  • PLink output
  • AES output
  • Coax output
  • Newest generation PDFAS clocking technology for ultra low jitter performance
  • Connects directly any Playback Designs DAC via PLink
  • Connects to any other DAC via AES or Coax
  • Recording software for file creation on computer
  • Easy and intuitive remote control via iPad or Android
  • Firmware upgradeable by end user