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Puritan Groundmaster City

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Ground Master City – The Safe and Effective Way To Eliminate Ground Noise

The Ground (or Earth) connection is the absolute reference for all of your vital system voltages. As such, it has to be as silent and stable as possible.

The ultimate way to eliminate ground-line noise is to utilise a clean, dedicated earth, but this is fraught with myriad safety and regulatory issues and people who live in apartments and other urban environments can't drive an 8' copper rod into the ground.

The Ground Master City uses the existing grounding and offers a cleaner, low impedance ground 

Almost every modern electrical item is equipped with a high frequency switching power supply which use their Earth connection as a dumping ground for the interference they generate. With substations often serving hundreds of houses, your HiFi Earth/Ground connection could be connected to thousands of Earth Line polluting appliances.

With the Puritan Ground Master City, attach your Puritan power strip or conditioner and reap the benefits.  

  • Simple Installation
  • Kills Ground Noise Dead
  • Blacker Silence and Subtler Detail
  • Widens and Deepens your 3-Dimensional Sound Stage
  • Rock Solid, Stable Imaging