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Puritan Routemaster

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This is in-stock at distributor and drop-ships.  Route Master ships standard with two RCA and a Spade cable as that is the most common request.  Call or e-mail for custom cable options.  Route Master must be paired with Ground Master.  

Puritan Route Master - Ground Line Master Router

The signal grounds on your various HiFi components may conform to any number of practices.  At the original and basic level that many manufacturers still conform to, chassis ground is the same as safety ground and signal ground.  But on some equipment chassis ground does not equal safety ground and on much equipment signal ground is lifted from chassis ground.  Of course connecting (say via RCA) an item where the three grounds are unified with the safety ground, and through the interconnection of all signal leads a haphazard confusion of signal grounds is created.  

Route Master reorganizes this tangled web in a coherent fashion bringing all signal earths via the shortest route to a single star point inside of a noise reducing ferroelectric chamber.  This creates a stable and fixed horizon for all components to navigate from.  

Connection options include:  4MM, RCA, XLR Male, XLR Female, DIN, BNC, USB A, USB B, RG45 and Spades