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Riviera Labs Levante Integrated Amp

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Color: Charcoal
Phono Stage: None
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Levante 130W Integrated Class A A/B Switchable
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Integrated Amplifier, in Class A or Class AB

Note: Special order from Italy. Typical delivery time is usually 4-8 weeks.

Hybrid, Zero Feedback, in Class A or Class AB.

The amplifier is designed to drive any kind of loudspeakers systems.

The LEVANTE integrated amplifier has all the elements that distinguish the Riviera amplifiers (Hybrid Circuit and Zero Feedback). It has also an extra feature that makes it unique: the option to choose between pure Class A and Class AB operation. A switch on the front panel allows to select the operating class according to your preferences or needs.

In Class A mode it offers 2x30W into 8 ohms (2x60W into 4 ohms); in Class AB it offers 2x120W into 8 ohms (2x200W into 4 ohms). Note that, even in AB Class, the first 6 Watts are in Class A.

  • Class A / Class AB switch
  • Pure Class A power 2x30W into 8 ohms
  • Class AB power 2x120W into 8 ohm (2x200W into 4 ohm)
  • Zero Feedback
  • Hybrid circuit
  • 1 balanced line input (XLR)
  • 4 unbalanced line inputs (RCA)
  • Speaker and headphone outputs
  • Optional phono card MM
  • Remote control

Dimensions: 44x49x19.5h cm. Weight: 30 Kg.