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Sophia Electric Aqua II 274B Rectifier Tube (single)

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The latest Sophia Electric design and production of this premium 274B rectifier tube was originally planned for Sophia Electric’s 20 Year Anniversary in 2021, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this product was delayed.

Thus, we elected to rename it as the Aqua II version of the popular original Aqua blue glass 274B rectifier tube. 

The Aqua II 274B features a number of technical innovations:

  1. The Aqua II has a higher current output (max 220ma) compared to the original Aqua 274B (max 180ma), and way more compared to the WE 274B (max 150ma)."
  2. The Aqua II has a lower impedance than any other 274B ever made, thus higher efficiency in converting AC into DC.
  3. Higher dissipation power rating with visibly bigger and heavier internal construction.
  4. New generation of spark arc suppression technology to eliminate arc possibility (WE274B is the internal spark arc king). 

What does Aqua II 274B sound like?

First, we describe it as far more musical than any other 274B or 5U4G tubes ever made. It has a higher resolution – akin to watching 8K video instead of 1080 – and even more live-performance-like sound. Every musical instrument and voice are more clear-cut from the rest of the orchestra. It gives you the feeling that you've just upgraded your amp / preamp with a boatload of Black Gate capacitors. With Aqua II 274B the type of performance improvement one desires from Black Gate capacitor upgrade is fulfilled. 

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