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Theoretica Applied Physics - The Grand Bacch-SP DAC and DSP

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The BACCH® Stereo Purifier (BACCH-SP) is a state-of-the-art, high-definition,
digital audio processor that yields highly realistic 3D sound imaging from a pair
of stereo loudspeakers.

At the heart of the BACCH-SP is BACCH® 3D Sound technology developed at Princeton University, which purifies loudspeaker-based stereo playback from the crosstalk
that degrades the 3D spatial cues that exist in most stereo recordings, allowing the listener’s brain to receive the proper psycho-acoustic cues that are needed to perceive the locations of recorded sound sources realistically in 3D space. 


1. Individualized tonally-transparent crosstalk cancellation filters (called BACCH® filters)
designed from quick calibration (impulse response) measurements made by the listener
using calibrated binaural microphones placed in the listener’s ears.
2. Real time adjustment of the 3D audio sweet spot through high-spatial-resolution tracking
of the listener’s head position (even in pitch darkness) and advanced custom-built head
tracking software.
3. State-of-the-art DAC and ADC that allow easy incorporation of the BACCH-SP in any
stereo hi-fi system.
4. 64-bit audio processing through a dedicated multi-core CPU running custom-built
algorithms and optimized convolution engines.

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