Wilson Benesch Discovery IIIz Standmount Loudspeaker (pair)

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Wilson Benesch's Fibonacci Tweeter first landed in 2012, and the latest 1-inch iteration builds upon the Semisphere tweeter design. The Fibonacci tweeter faceplate is formed from a carbon fibre composite structure, creating a geometrically optimised waveguide tailored precisely to the unique output of the Silk-Carbon Hybrid tweeter dome, says the Sheffield company.

It places the company’s Isobaric Drive System, which is mounted in a clamshell formation directly on the underside of the loudspeaker, in close proximity to the Semisphere Tweeter and the dedicated Tactic II midrange drive unit. This compact, highly optimised topology delivers a thoroughly captivating soundstage, rich with dynamic, punchy bass, which is perfectly integrated with the midrange and the high frequency band.

The latest outcome for Wilson Benesch is the new A.C.T. 3Zero Monocoque. This advanced composite technology structure is the largest single component in the Wilson Benesch loudspeaker enclosure, and it is at the heart of the Eminence loudspeaker.

We're told that the monocoque delivers significant (orders of magnitude) superior damping capabilities than the previous generation A.C.T. Monocoque. Moreover, the A.C.T. 3Zero Monocoque is constructed from natural, renewable and sustainable materials and is almost entirely free of oil-based material use. Even the resin that the previous generation carbon fibre monocoque used has been replaced with a Bio Resin, so we are told. Additionally, the VRTM process to create the A.C.T. 3Zero Monocoque for the Discovery requires just half the energy needed to produce the previous generation monocoque.

Product Specifications:

- (1) 1 inch Wilson Benesch Semisphere tweeter
- (1) 7 inch Wilson Benesch Tactic II mid-range drive unit
- (2) 7 inch Wilson Benesch Tactic II Isobaric bass drive units

- Poly-alloy hybrid construction
- High performance carbon composite A.C.T. 3Zero monocoque
- Mid-range ported enclosure
- Isobaric bass ported enclosure

- 2.5-way stand mounted monitor
- Impedance: 6 ohm nominal / 4 ohm minimal
- Sensitivity: 89dB at 1 metre on-axis, 2.83V input
- Frequency response: 38Hz - 30KHz +/- 2dB
- Minimum amplification power recommendation: 100 W / channel

- Height: 43.5 inches
- Width:  9.1 inches
- Depth: 14.6 inches
- Volume: 15L
- Weight per speaker: 66.1 pounds