Open letter to AXPONA Visitors

Open letter to AXPONA Visitors


For all of you who were kind enough to visit us at AXPONA we want to offer a profound thanks!  You said some wonderful things about how our overall system sounded, especially our Art Audio gear and Verdant speakers.  

Andrew Quint over at the Absolute Sound said "The Blackthorn 1s were especially impressive on first hearing; instrumental timbres were true on the Shostakovich recording."  This was only possible because of the amazing gear that Art Audio produces.  

We hoped you enjoyed the offer to listen to your music.  As we said during the show, if you can't listen to the music you love on our products, we have done something wrong.  

Thank you for your time and consideration and we look forward to seeing you at AXPONA next year and other shows this year.

Capital Audiofest Room 525

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