Capital Audiofest Room 525

Capital Audiofest Room 525


Come see Verdant Audio display it's new line of speakers constructed in Bamboo Cabinets at Capital Audiofest Room 525.  Specifically we will have the Bambusa AL 1 and MG1 on display.  The primary difference between the two is:

Bambusa AL 1:  Retails at $2499 and uses a SEAS Excel soft dome tweeter and 7" SEAS Prestige Aluminum driver

Bambusa MG 1:  Retails at $3749 and uses the SEAS Excel Millenium tweeter and 7" SEAS Excel Magnesium driver

The AL 1 is a bit more soulful while the MG 1 delivers a truer sound profile.  Both are outstanding values and offer deep bass reproduction.  

We will also have the Blackthorn and Nightshade speakers available for demo and will have the Art Audio Conductor Preamp, Quartet Mono-Blocks, Vinyl One Phono Stage and Composer Solo Turntable.  Other featured items will include the Roon Nucleus+, Ortofon TA-110 Tonearm and Cadenza Blue MC Cartridge, Musical Fidelity M3cd and the PS Audio DirectStream DAC.  All interconnects will be Kimber Kable.  

If you would like to schedule a private listening session before or after show hours to take control and listen to your music, please contact us to schedule your time.  

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