Verdant Subwoofer

Verdant Subwoofer


I want to thank everyone who has expressed interest in the Verdant Audio subwoofer.  Here is a little context as to why it is not a regular item at this time.  

For the projected retail price ($6500) we are explicitly missing a DSP feature that would allow for better integration into your system.  Other products in this range offer that and the absence of it limits us.  

The sub is wonderful with a composite cabinet and OEM integration of IsoAcoustics GAIA feet.  Our root concern is that lack of DSP.  We achieved the good integration in our room with an educated guess as to optimal placement (not our first show) and an SPL measurement system ensuring that the volume level on the sub matched.  

If you opt for our speaker, we will be happy to work with you on an ideal isolation system (puck or feet) depending on your sub to maximize the sound profile and can recommend moderately priced measurement equipment that will help refine your setup.  

If you still would like our sub, we will be happy to have one manufactured as part of our next production run.  We recognize that there are few subwoofers manufactured using composites and that $6500 is not a bad value for our materials.  With the purchase of speakers we will offer a loaner while you are waiting on production (most likely a Sunfire Tru).  If you are interested, please e-mail me at  

Capital Audiofest Room 525

Thank you from CAF 2019

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