Origin of Nightshade and Blackthorn names

Posted by Scott Bierfeldt on

For those of you who are wondering why we choose the names we choose for our products, our first two have a bit of a special meaning to me.  

The obvious answer to why Nightshade and Blackthorn is they are both associated with plants and the names sound cool to me.  A Nightshade is a type of plant that includes everything from belladonna to the eggplant.  A Blackthorn is a type of rose.  

However, these have a double meaning.  I like to read and am a huge fan of the fantasy author Brandon Sanderson.  Two of my favorite characters are Dalinar Kholin, The Blackthorn, one of the key characters in The Stormlight Archive.  The other is named for Spensa Nightshade whose callsign is Spin in the Skyward series of novels.  

Regardless of what you think of our speakers, give Brandon Sanderson and his wonderful novels a read if you like the fantasy genre.  

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