Speaker Stands


In our photos I show speaker stands that have been tailored to our products.  These have proven to be viciously expensive to source and would be $3K a pair if we were to provide them for sale.  Simply not worth it.  

I have explored alternative designs made from MDF, Bamboo or other hardwoods.  They are okay but there are nice products available at reasonable prices that we believe will do every bit as good of a job.  

Our speakers are designed so that the center of the tweeter is precisely 12" from the bottom of the speaker.  This means a standard 24" stand is a good fit for a person of average height.  They will sit nicely on a 6" x 6" or 8" x 6" stand.  If you get the latter, there should be adequate room for the Orea pucks that we use to isolate our speakers from the stand.  

We can design and customize a base that would sit on top of the stand and extend its size so the pucks would be closer to the corners.  Please reach out with the specs of your stand and we will be happy to quote a custom top.  

Thank you from CAF 2019

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