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Acoustic Energy was founded in London, England in 1987 with the creation of the now-legendary AE1 loudspeaker. The AE1 redefined what was possible from a compact enclosure by setting new audio performance standards for dynamics, power and clarity previously unheard of outside larger, high-end speakers. These design principals have remained enshrined in the company ethos to this day…

All Acoustic Energy loudspeakers are subject to our rigorous design-process and carry the same DNA that’s run through each product range for over 35 years. At prototype stage new designs are voiced through an exhaustive listening process, with electroacoustic measurement used to verify each step. They’re then benchmarked against our historical references mirroring the dynamics, transparency, tonal accuracy and above all musical involvement necessary to warrant the Acoustic Energy marque.

From inception Acoustic Energy has garnered hundreds of awards and accolades from the world’s Hi-Fi press. These and many other endorsements with critical acclaim from journalists around the globe help secure our proud, pedigree status as one of the most highly regarded brands in the audio industry today.

British owned and run, the company has been based in the heart of the beautiful Cotswolds, England since 1995.  As music lovers, its directors combine over 100 years-experience and knowledge in the audio industry with a passion for creativity, performance, quality and customer loyalty as core brand values. 

Once becoming an Acoustic Energy owner, you’re beginning an audio journey that’ll provide decades of listening pleasure, whether new to our brand or upgrading. You’re also buying into an exclusive club with the assurance of British design and engineering at its very best, backed by an industry-leading warranty support programme, all created… for the love of music.

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  • Like Santa Claus...

    Verdant Audio is, by far, the best dealer of audio equipment I have ever dealt with and I am on the West Coast while Verdant is on the East Coast. Scott, the owner, is like the Santa Claus in the movie "Miracle on 34th St.": He makes recommendations about what audio equipment best suits your tastes whether he carries those lines or not. He gives you an opportunity to try products he has in stock. And he works with you, after the sale to make sure your happy even if it means returning a purchase. Who else does all the things?

  • I've had the great pleasure..

    ... of dealing with Scott Bierfeldt at Verdant Audio on a number of recent transactions. I’ve been a serious high-end audio enthusiast for decades and Scott is hands down the best audio dealer with whom I’ve worked. Scott’s audio knowledge is truly impressive. His style is entirely consultive with no sales pressure at all. Working with Scott is like taking audio advice from a good friend that is guiding me to the best choices. In addition, Verdant Audio has an exceptional selection of very fine audio gear. Scott and Verdant are highly recommended.ontent