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dune is a cutting edge, all-in-one, streaming preamp. 

At its heart, dune is a Class A, fully balanced, dual mono preamp featuring a lossless, 256 step, fully analog R2R volume control that is digitally controlled.  

dune has a dual-mono 32 bit DAC using the state of the art SABRE ES9038PRO chips and has a 24 bit ADC for recording.   It is Roon Ready and a UPnP endpoint.   

dune can be used as a USB DAC.  The available inputs; SPDIF, HDMI, analog, phono stage (optional) can be recorded.  

There is an optional phono stage so that you can easily add your favorite turntable and an analog input if you want to use an external phono stage.  

Preamp Stage

  • Class A - Dual Mono Preamp with separate power supplies for L & R Channels
  • Fully Balanced
  • R2R ‐ 256 steps pure analog volume control
  • Inputs - 1x  Line in RCA, 1x SPDIF, 1x HDMI, Optional 1x Phono (optional), 1x USB 2.0
  • Outputs - 1x RCA, 1x XLR


  • SNR: ‐ 140 dB @ 1Khz A-Weighted
  • THD + N: ‐ 120 dB @ 1Khz A-Weighted
  • crosstalk: better than ‐120 dB A-Weighted
  • All major file formats supported including MQA
  • DSD up to 512
  • PCM up to 384

ADC section ‐
  • SNR: ‐124 dB @ 1Khz A-Weighted
  • THD: ‐108 dB @ 1Khz A-Weighted
  • maximum resolution : 24/192
Other specs ‐
  • Audio clocking max jitter 200fs
  • ‐138 dBc phase noise
  • Audio output power supplies max noise: better than 10uVrms
  • DAC and ADC power supplies max noise: better than 1 uVrms
  • Audio output level: max. 17.5 Vpp fully balanced
  • HDMI: 3GHz video support
  • USB C power supply
  • Gigabit LAN ‐ Texas Instruments WLAN/ Bluetooth Features
  • optional pure analog phono stage module with digital control for various impedances
  • Separate L and R audio power supplies for each stage
  • aviation grade aluminum housing
  • L - 360mm x W - 360 x H - 70 mm