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Perlisten Audio S7i L/R In Wall Speaker (Each)

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Introducing an in-wall family built like no other, extruded aluminum back boxes 4mm thick with the quality of an amplifier chassis, and then lined with a bituminous damping layer to damp vibrations in the enclosure.  Fully sealed for consistent frequency response and designed to greatly reduce sound leakage into neighboring rooms while keeping the sound inside your home theater where it belongs.  Utilizing the same drivers and technology as the in-room S-series brothers for the same great sound quality you have come to expect from Perlisten. We welcome the S7i-LR, S7i-C, S5i-LR, S5i-C, and S4i-LCRS to the Perlisten family.


The next level in-wall with Directivity control to well below 1kHz while enabling a DPC array and timbre matching not only in the raw materials but in the critical frequency response, power response, and phase. In addition, the S7i is THX Dominus LCR certified with the same amazing Sensitivity and THD as our famous S7t tower.  A true value in the largest sized home theater in-walls compared to almost any in-wall on the market and can be utilized as an LCR with an acoustically transparent screen or as an LR in the Media room. 

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