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Raidho X1/XT1 Stand Mount Speaker

$7,000.00 - $10,400.00
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Color: Black
Driver: X1 (Ceramic)
Stand: None
Regular price $7,000.00
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Regular price $7,000.00
Regular price Sale price $7,000.00

Raidho Acoustics’ speaker, the X1, is a elegant and compact size stand-mount mini monitor.

Raidho Acoustics’ newest speaker, the X1, is an elegant and compact stand-mount mini monitor. The speaker is built with the Raidho Ribbon Tweeter and a bass/mid-range driver with a ceramic membrane. The mid-range driver features our newly developed neodymium based magnet system, long throw and low compression.  The loudspeaker is primarily designed for smaller rooms and can be placed relatively close to the rear wall. The X1 is also ideal for studio work and near-field monitoring.

The XT1 steps up from a ceramic bass/mid-range driver to titanium offering improved rigidity.