By Raidho

Raidho X2/X2T Slim Floorstander

$17,000.00 - $24,000.00
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Color: Black
Driver: X2 (Ceramic)
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Regular price $17,000.00
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Simply one of our best efforts, spend a few hours in the company of X2/X2T and get seduced into a musical landscape of the greatest intensity. The X2 family is a 2,5 way design with two 4” Raidho X-drivers and one Raidho tweeter. While quite small and compact you’ll be amazed just how much music a pair of X-2’s can project into your room. Seamless, flawless It renders the tiniest of details on a pitch-black background.

Upgrade the X2T and move from Ceramic to Titanium drivers.  

Size (WxHxD):   143 x 1040 x 410 mm (300 x 1060 x 470 mm incl. spikes)
Weight:   23 Kg
Freq. reponse   60 Hz – 50 KHz
Impendance:   >6 ohm
Sensititity:   85 dB 1W 2.83 V/m
Crossover:   220 Hz and 3.5 KHz 2. Order
Enclosure:   Internal vented design Port in rear
Drive units:   1 pcs. sealed ribbon tweeter 1 100 mm Ceramic bass driver 1 100 mm Ceramic mid-bass driver
Finish:   Black Piano
Amplification:    > 50 W (Though we have seen excellent results with small tube amplifiers)