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Thorens Turntable TD 1601 TP 160

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Color: High Gloss Black
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The TD 1601, featuring the new TP 160 tonearm, represents a consistent evolution of the multi-award-winning TD 1601. It possesses a classic wooden plinth, a two-part machined aluminum platter with an internally run ground drive belt. The external linear power supply TPN 1600 is equipped with a high-performance toroidal transformer and provides the synchronous motor with 2x 16V to ensure the highest possible rotational stability of the platter.

The new TP 160 tonearm was developed by the renowned designer Helmut Thiele and features an ultra-precise knife edge bearing. This J-shaped 9" tonearm with an SME headshell connection takes inspiration from the design of famous studio tonearms. The blade for the horizontal bearing is additionally stabilized by magnets to ensure the most precise tracking of the vinyl record.

The three springs of the subchassis do not hang from the top board but rest on the floor. Simultaneously, a tensioned steel thread extending from the motor pulley axis to the turntable axis prevents lateral tilting and ensures the subchassis swings as piston-like as possible. In addition, it provides the convenience of a patented electric lift and a touchless shut-off mechanism.

The balanced outputs (XLR) ensure a professional connection. Since the phono signal needs significant amplification, it is particularly susceptible to electrical interference. The balanced connection via the XLR sockets ensures the least possible interference-free connection between the turntable and the phono preamplifier. To utilize the True Balanced Connection, the turntable must be equipped with a moving coil (MC) cartridge.


  • Stabilized sub chassis on three conical springs
  • Polished precision belt
  • Two part platter
  • Adjustable belt tension
  • Electronical controlled motor
  • Electrical lift
  • Contactless auto shut off
  • Balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) output
  • Thorens precision tonearm TP 92 9“

SPECIFICATIONS Function manual turntable with subchassis, auto shut off, electrical lift Drive system Belt, sub platter aluminum Motor electronically controlled and stabilized AC synchronous motor Speeds 33-1/3, 45 rpm. Speed select electronical Platter 12” / 4,2 kg (aluminum) Tonearm Thorens TP 92 Cartridge — Anti-Skating magnetic (TP 92) Shut off yes Power supply external power supply Dimensions 454 x 180 x 369 mm (W x H x D) Weight 11 kg Finish solid wooden plinth, black high gloss, walnut high gloss, top board made of triCom Scope of delivery power supply, acrylic dust cover