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Current Mode Amplification

current mode audio amplification technology

Current mode amplification is short for current mode audio amplifier and is a patented audio technology that distinguishes it from conventional amplifiers. As an amplifier of the sound system "engine", a fully discrete, special topology-based current-mode amplifier provides an approximate recording live listening experience that really impresses the audience. At the same time, with the support of current mode technology, even if the user is using an existing headset or speaker, is not the design of the exclusive fit, will get much better results than the general equipment.
The current-mode audio amplifier uses a tripod as an amplification device with a fully discrete
architecture. Its inputs and outputs are voltage modes that can interface with conventional circuits. Most of the core discharge is treated in the electric basin, and the constant is set to be pure Class A working state. Its amplification circuit structure is completely different from that of conventional voltage mode amplifiers (differential input stage, co-emission voltage amplification stage, etc.), and the transistor-level capacitance affecting speed and bandwidth operates on nodes with very low impedance, eliminating transient intermodulation distortion (TIMD) completely, and making it easy to obtain higher bandwidth (500kHz bandwidth at full power) and lower distortion of high-performance amplification (for 0.0002% distortion technology performance). Can be used in any power class (10mW-2000W) and any size (several square centimeters - professional amplifier size).