AGD Tempo Stereo Power Amp

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AGD is ordered from the manufacture as needed.  Please contact us for estimated delivery times.  Many items are in-stock and will ship quickly.  Special Edition high gloss units are "Special Order" and will have an extended lead time.  


The AGD “TEMPO” Stereo Amplifier is the new addition to our state-of-the-art Hi-End Power Amplifiers family. TEMPO is our first compact Stereo Amplifier utilizing the same unique technology of Gallium Nitride Power-Stage design already in use with all its Hi-End AGD siblings.

The AGD “TEMPO” is rated 200+200W 4Ohm (100W+100W 8Ohm).

To achieve these performances in such compact CNC machined cabinet, we have designed a new GaN- based output power stage with a new mother board that contains the low noise power supply and all the analog buffer stages, small enough to enable these outstanding minimalistic footprint.

As for all AGD amps, the GaN-based power stage module utilized in the AGD TEMPO is fully upgradable to next generation modules using future generation of GaN devices with improved technology so to maintain the full value of the product in time.

The AGD TEMPO Stereo Amplifier uses the same fundamental technology pioneered with the AGD Vivace, the first Hi-End amplifier based on Gallium Nitride power MOSFET, the AGD THE AUDION and The AGD GRAN VIVACE.

Moreover, the new integrated GaN-Sound module design can operate also in bridge-mode delivering in this configuration twice the nominal stereo output power, so about 400W on 4ohm.

The NEW GaN-Power output stage, can efficiently switch at much higher slew rates than any silicon-based counterparts, and can deliver the most sublime sound thanks to their ideal “by the book” oscillations-free switching capabilities.

The New AGD GaN-Power Module

Thanks to a world-class PCB design, a refined selection of top-quality audio grade components, and the extremely efficient GaN-based power stage we achieved the design’s goal to operate this integrated Stereo Version of at >600kHz as standard PWM frequency.

The higher PWM frequency operation delivers a direct and positive impact on the overall outstanding sonic and musical performances with sublime mid-high range realism along with the unique tight and controlled bass register.

The New AGD TEMPO Cabinet


  • Single billet CNC-machined cabinet delivers the best solidity and compactness for audiophiles that are looking to get the superior sound with the most advanced technology on the market today and to “down-size” the footprint of regular amps at the same time.
  • Available in Silver, Black and mirror-polished finishing (the latter custom order only).


  • The AGD “TEMPO” back panel configuration is perfectly symmetrical and offers easy access to both the single ended and Balanced inputs connectors. The inputs (completely independent) are selectable via toggle switch.
  • A stereo-bridge switch enables the operation of the Stereo amplifier in bridge mode as 400W monoblock power stage (input signal via the right channel).
  • Two sets of super rugged solid copper binding posts, specially designed by AGD, and the connections for remote trigger input and output complete the back panel configuration.

Size & Specs

Nominal Output, 20Hz÷20KHz, 4Ω 200+200W
THD+N 10W/1KHz <0.01%
Maximum Output Power at 0.1% THD+N, 1KHz, 8Ω 100+100W
Audio Bandwidth ±0.5dB 20Hz-20KHz
Bandwidth ±3dB 5Hz-80KHz
Input Impedance 40kOhm (600Ohm upon request)
Efficiency% >94%
Bridge Mode Output Power, 4Ω 400W
PowerGaN PWM Frequency ~600kHz
Dimensions 11×3.75×7.1 inches (280x95x180mm)
Weight 10lbs (5kg)
Input Voltage 110-240V (Auto-Switch)