AGD Alto Preamp

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AGD Alto Preamp
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The AGD “ALTO” is a complete audiophile Line and Phono Reference Preamplifier that delivers a unique set of features and components in a very compact beautifully crafted single billet aluminum cabinet.

With his built-in fully balanced phono stage (MM & MC), a volume control with the most thermally stable and high precision resistor ladder circuit, the “ALTO” is by design the perfect companion preamplifier for our “TEMPO” and “Audion MkII” power GaN Amplifiers.

The ALTO’s Phono stage, is a full balanced topology circuitry, with superior sonic performances that will satisfy the also the most demanding Audiophile.
While The “ALTO” is by design the perfect companion preamplifier for our “TEMPO” and “Audion” Stereo GaN Amplifier, it will also deliver the most sublime and purest sound with any audio systems of any standard.
The AGD Audio Design team is confident the “ALTO” will meet your expectations and as a team we will always stand in support of your needs and future requirements.

Design Philosophy

I have always been driven by my passion to merge perfection and beauty in the art of Audio reproduction.
After the launch of the AGD “TEMPO” we wanted to create a perfect companion preamplifier and so, the AGD “ALTO” is our new compact reference analog preamplifier.
Crafted with the same care and dedication as all AGD products, the “ALTO” is a superior musical preamplifier that incorporates all the design features already adopted in the bigger sibling, the AGD “Andante”.

Main Features

  • Fully Balanced Phono preamplifier stage with MM & MC cartridges support (selection via Menu and Remote control) and with dedicated ultra-low noise linear power supply and ultra-low noise linear professional grade amplifiers stage.
  • Analog boards fully shielded and separated from digital boards to deliver the lowest possible noise and prevent any undesired interference. 
  • High Dynamic low noise professional grade instrumentational amplifier stages for the output buffer stage (configurable as bi-amp X-Over upon request). 
  • Fully balanced design and full DC coupling (no capacitors in line with analog signals).
  • Three Analog inputs with one input fully balanced (XLR connectors).
  • 8bit fully balanced passive Ladder volume control.
  • Three analog outputs (for multi-amplification solutions.
  • 1 XLR balanced output (6.4VRMS max)
  • 2 Single-ended stereo output (low/high pass X-Over customizable)
  • Remote control.
  • 12V output Trigger.


Parameter Description
Phono Input Moving Magnet and Moving Coil selectable via Menu
MM Input Impedance: 47kΩ, S/R ≥ 80db
MC Input Impedance: 420Ω, S/R ≥70db
RIAA Accuracy: <0.1dB
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz ±0.1db
THD%: ≤0.05%
Line Analog Inputs 2 Single ended (RCA2, RCA3), 1 XLR inputs (XLR)
Frequency Response: 1Hz-100kHz ±0.2db
(Passive front-end direct coupling)
Analog Outputs 1 XLR Output, 2 RCA Outputs (Output #1&2 full range, Output #3 HT Pass-Through).
Output Impedance: <50ohm
Frequency Response: 1Hz-100kHz ±0.2db
THD+N (Balanced): ≤0.005%
THD+N (Single Ended): ≤0.009%
S/R ≥130db
Direct output coupling.
Net Dimension 11”x 7.1”x 3.5” (280 x 180 x 90mm)
Remote Infrared
Trigger Output 12V, 0.1A DC
Flight Case Dimension 20”x 16”x 7.5” (500 x 406 x 190mm)
Net Weight 11lb/5Kg
Gross Weight 17lb/8Kg
Input voltage Universal (110-240V, 50-60Hz)