AGD Solo Mono-Block Power Amps (Pair)

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New AGD “SOLO” GaN-Power MonoBlock

The AGD “Solo” GaN Monoblock Limited Edition amplifier is the most powerful amplifier of the AGD family.

June 8, 2023 - Combining the world recognized innovative AGD GaN technology with a new and always unique and elegant design, this amplifier promises to drive any demanding loudspeaker with outstanding results in terms of dynamics, details, and stage.

The AGD “SOLO” MONOBLOCK uses the same fundamental technology pioneered with the AGD Gran Vivace, AGD TEMPO, AGD AUDION, the first true Hi-End amplifiers based on Gallium Nitride power MOSFET. The AGD “Solo”

The AGD “SOLO” is rated 550W max on 4ohm and it is characterized by an outstanding 50A peak output driving capability. Features a linear power supply with two SMART bridges rectification stage to minimize the conduction losses and virtually eliminate the reverse recovery losses. New main board is a 4 layers PCB designed with the utmost attention to minimize noise with optimal control of parasitic inductance.
The AGD “SOLO” retains the is fundamental feature common to all AGD amplifiers, of an upgradable GaNSound power output stage module.

“At AGD, we firmly believe our customers have the rights to maintain the value of their investmen, hence we are committed to offer them the possibility to upgrade the GaNSound output stage module at time when a new GaN device delivers a performance and technological improvement.” says Alberto Guerra, CEO of AGD Productions, Inc.
“Thanks to the new GaNSound module’ improved components, enhanced thermal management, and a new optimized layout, we achieved our target to operate this much larger power stage at 800kHz, for the utmost outstanding sonic and musical performances”, Alberto added.

AGD “SOLO” cabinet are 100% CNC-machined and along the side panels wood trims, deliver the best solidity and compactness for audiophiles that are looking to get the superior sound with the most advanced technology and unique industrial design.
The AGD “SOLO” is available with a standard finishing Black or Silver Anodized, additional Wood trim colors and a mirror-polished front panel are available as optional.
Delivery of the AGD SOLO Limited Edition, commences in September 2023 with an MSRP of $23,500