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The digital source has become a known sight on Hi-Fi systems for its convenience. Almost all the music can now be accessible at the touch of a button. But playing sound is one thing and playing music is another. To get the true essence of the recording, your digital signal must be as pristine and well-timed as possible so your DAC can play at its best. Feed it with a noisy signal and that will just be amplified along the chain.

A pristine digital signal requires a dedicated digital source, with meticulous detail starting from the ultra-low noise power supplies, through the custom processor boards and all the way to specific software development minimizing power noise during operation.

The ZEN NG is the first model within the ZEN Series to include both new and trickled-down NG technology developments: our new cutting-edge Gallium Nitride regulated NGaN RECAP2 PSU, the new PreciseAudio custom mainboard, Sense 3 with real-time kernel together with AudioCore technology, selected industrial-grade low noise DDR4 RAM and a dedicated, direct-attached, ultra-low noise SSD for the Operating System to name just a few. Connect the ZEN NG to your DAC and be amazed at the difference.

A new modular approach for storage and audio connectivity options creates a hugely versatile device; use just as a streamer with no on-board storage at all or as a music server with Sense or Roon Core with up to 16TB of seamless storage, whilst maximizing sonic output through your choice of optimal Digital Output Module – all housed in a new premium 10mm CNC-machined aluminium chassis. And if that's not enough, we have designed the ZEN NG to be upgradeable to a ZENith NG at any time.


Optional Pre-installed Storage
·· PCI-E NVme internal SSD in 2TB, 4TB, or 8TB options.
16TB option occupies both internal and secondary user-accessible
storage bay.

Optional Pre-installed Modular Output Boards
·· PhoenixUSB Lite board: 3ppb 24MHz OCXO USB 2.0 Reclocker
·· DDC board: 1 x AES/EBU + 1 x Optical + 1 x Coaxial
(All with maximum resolution of 24bit/192KHz)
*Upgradeable to ZENith NG

Innuos Premieres ZEN NG & ZENith NG: High End Munich 2024