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Raidho TD3.8 Floorstanding Speakers

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Color: Black
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Regular price $109,000.00
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It is with great excitement that we, after a long process of research and development, can present our new addition to our new TD-series, and what a speaker. The TD3.8 is an absolute beast and a dream-project for the whole team under the watchful eye of our chief designer, Benno Baun Meldgaard. The project was born out of demand for speakers with bigger drivers, and also because of the passion for taking Raidho to the next level.

The TD3.8 is a completely new design in our range but with the signature Raidho-look. For the first time, we have a midsized floorstanding speaker with big drivers, implementing our new patent pending driverdesign in a new 8” woofer in a dual configuration, that guarantees a deep and articulated low frequency reproduction which is still lightning fast and controlled. These are used in conjunction with two new 5” midranges sharing the same, new driverdesign.

Both midranges and woofers are with our new TD-cones (Tantalum/Diamond). It´s a 5-layer design with higher inner damping and increased stiffness, and together with the driver-design, the new magnet system, the new proprietary, edge-wound voicecoils and one of the strongest motorsystems in the world with more than 1.1 tesla, we have a speaker that is extremely dynamic, authentic and easy to listen to. The chassis is designed with an absolute minimum of reflections, giving the driver optimal conditions.

The tweeter is upgraded with a more powerful magnetsystem and a changed chamber-design eliminating reflections and lowering the already extremely low level of distortion by an additional 35 dB, while at the same time increasing sensitivity by 2 dB. We have achieved an even more open and detailed sound without sounding clinical. This is what makes our ribbon-tweeter among the best in the world, and in combination with the two new midranges, the musical experience is on a whole new level.

The enclosure is a new design with optimized acoustic flow internally. The crossover is a completely new design, with increased out-of-band filtration, lowering distortion further, as well as greatly increasing the powerhandling on each driveunit. Due to the increased efficiency (91 db 4 ohms) and extremely low levels of distortion all the way through the design, this speaker will reveal new layers in the music for you to experience, no matter which amplifier, you use. During the construction and trimming, timing, phase, low distortion and dynamics has been the absolute keywords. TD3.8 will give everything in authenticity and live-feeling, and a very honest approach to music and musicality.

Prepare to be amazed.

  • Topology: 3 Way
  • Bass Loading: Bassreflex, Port in rear, Impulse optimized 
  • Drivers: 1 x Raidho TD Ribbon Tweeter
  • 2 x 5″ Raidho Tantalum
  • Diamond midrange
  • 2 x 8″ Raidho Tantalum Diamond bass
  • Crossover Point: 400Hz and 2.4 kHz Stepped slope
  • Frequency Range: 24Hz-50kHz
  • Sensitivity: 89dB
  • Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohm, min. 4 Ohm@120Hz
  • Power Requirement: 50-300 Watts
  • Finishes: Piano Black, Walnut burl veneer or any colour to order
  • Dimensions: 440 x 1420 x 610 mm
  • Footprint: 440 x 610 mm
  • Weight 75 kg