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Raidho TD4.8 Floorstanding Speaker

$165,000.00 - $193,000.00
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Color: Black
Spikes: Standard
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Regular price $165,000.00
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The TD4.8 is our flagship TD-speaker. Built in a stunning Scandinavian design that will fit all rooms, this tall speaker is designed as a full-range speaker using our in-house made Tantalum Diamond-drivers with no less than 6 bass-drivers and 2 midranges. 

Together with the upgraded TD-ribbon tweeter, this impressive speaker delivers world class musical experiences that captivates the listener with a huge soundstage capturing the atmosphere and intimacy of your recordings.

Placed on big, adjustable feet with built-in decoupling, the TD4.8 will make the best out of any room with the stunning looks, and the sound is fast, coherent and authentic. The TD4.8 was appointed the ”Cost-no-object speaker of the year 2018” in
Hi-Fi+, and it is a testament to all music lovers.

  • Topology 3 Way
  • Bass Loading Ported for impulse control. Port in rear 
  • Drivers 1 x Raidho Sealed Tweeter
  • 2 x 100 mm Raidho Tantalum-Diamond drivers
  • 6 x 115 mm Raidho Tantalum-Diamond drivers
  • Crossover Point 200 Hz & 3 kHz 2nd Order
  • Bandwidth 20 Hz 50 kHz
  • Sensitivity 90dB/W 2.83V/m
  • Nominal Impedance 5.5 Ohm
  • Power Requirement >50 W  (Though we have seen excellent results with small tube amplifiers)
  • Finishes Piano Black, Walnut burl veneer or any colour to order
  • Dimensions 200 x 1790 x 630
  • (With feet 440 x 1790 x 615)
  • Weight 71 kg