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Encompassing English Heritage

Nestled in the heart of the West Country, English Acoustics was established in the spring of 2015. This innovative company came to fruition simply from a love for classic design and modern technology; and the realization that we aren’t the only ones with an appreciation for high end valve amplifiers and superior sound quality.
At the core of our company resonates a firm belief that British manufacturing and design are key to future success and development. Investing in quality, value, safety and high standards also make us advocates for the other British manufacturers that not only contribute towards our products; but stand by the ‘Made in Britain’ collective mark with pride.
 With over fifty years of combined experience in design engineering and valve audio design, our fascination with sound has been further developed by additional skills in the CAD and auto painting industries. Finish with a sprinkle of graphic design and photography and you have a recipe for bespoke high quality British made amplifiers.

The English Acoustics Stereo 21c is a modern day classic. Exclusively British-made and notably benefiting from the finest transformers along with a chassis that are both designed and manufactured in England.

Inspired by our favorite vintage amplifiers, the Stereo 21c moves forward with it’s contemporary design cues and safety devices fitted throughout. This means you can enjoy the warm sound that the ‘21c produces whilst feeling reassured that any potential risk has been considered and minimized.

Certain aspects of the revered inner workings have now been enhanced using our own mains and audio transformer design. This means that the amplifier runs cooler and produces exceptional low-end performance. Plus, smoother roll-off at the top-end whilst retaining the classic punchy mid-range.

What sets the English Acoustics Stereo 21c apart is that you can now have one hand-built for you in any color you wish; the only limit is your imagination. To combat this personal decision, we have produced twelve in-house colors covering the full spectrum to help you set the tone. These colors have been affectionately devised from our own local landmarks, such as Lansdowne Gold, Marlborough Red, Avebury Grey and Brunel Blue to name but a few.

Main Features include:

  • Transformer endcaps CNC machined from billet aluminum
  • CAD designed steel chassis with laser cut details
  • Automotive-grade metallic paint finish available in any conceivable color
  • Ceramic gold-plated valve sockets
  • Custom English manufactured fixings
  • Point to point hand-wired valve sockets with lead free silver solder
  • Thermal, vibration and tilt safety cut out
  • Remote power on available as an option
  • Digital LCD hour meter
  • Comprehensive 3 year warranty
  • 14W/channel ultra linear
  • Less than 0.1% distortion
  • SNR: Better than 90dB reference @ 1W
  • Frequency response 13Hz – 78KHz (0dB, -3dB)
  • World class hand-wound transformers from a local British manufacturer
  • Paper in oil and silver mica capacitors used throughout
  • Improved timeless classic design
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    Verdant Audio is, by far, the best dealer of audio equipment I have ever dealt with and I am on the West Coast while Verdant is on the East Coast. Scott, the owner, is like the Santa Claus in the movie "Miracle on 34th St.": He makes recommendations about what audio equipment best suits your tastes whether he carries those lines or not. He gives you an opportunity to try products he has in stock. And he works with you, after the sale to make sure your happy even if it means returning a purchase. Who else does all the things?

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    ... of dealing with Scott Bierfeldt at Verdant Audio on a number of recent transactions. I’ve been a serious high-end audio enthusiast for decades and Scott is hands down the best audio dealer with whom I’ve worked. Scott’s audio knowledge is truly impressive. His style is entirely consultive with no sales pressure at all. Working with Scott is like taking audio advice from a good friend that is guiding me to the best choices. In addition, Verdant Audio has an exceptional selection of very fine audio gear. Scott and Verdant are highly recommended.ontent