Raidho C Series

C Series This is where it all began. The C Series established both the look and the technological identity of the Raidho brand; from the iconic racetrack rebate of the trademark Raidho ribbon planar tweeter to the Ceramix drivers, with their pale cones that don’t just look different; from the slim elegance of the cabinet proportions to the graceful curvature of the enclosures, so reminiscent of lightweight racing shells and long-ships. It wasn’t just the C Series that was instantly identifiable; once you’d seen the C Series, you’d recognise any Raidho speaker – and that was before you’d even listened to them.

Raidho speakers don’t just look different – they look different because they are different, they’re different for a reason and that difference is performance.

The heart of the C Series lies in the proprietary three-layer Ceramix cones they use. Their sandwich structure, with its rigid skins and inherent self-damping creates incredibly fast yet mechanically well-behaved driver diaphragms. Couple them to the powerful, fully vented and underhung OpenPlan motor architecture and you create a unit sensitive enough to reproduce the tiniest micro-dynamic shift in a signal, quick enough to blend seamlessly with the incredibly low-mass, low colouration Raidho ribbon planar tweeter. These driver technologies represent the foundation on which every subsequent Raidho design has rested – but there’s more to a great loudspeaker than just the drive units. Both the cabinet and crossover are critical to a speaker system’s success – and either one can (and often does) compromise the best drive units.

The C series cabinets are a masterpiece of effective engineering. They combine a precision machined, low-diffraction baffle that guarantees a stable mechanical and acoustic platform, with a thin-wall, low-mass, curved enclosure that provides both rigidity and low-energy storage. By clamping the enclosure between the frontbaffle and the substantial rear spine, we create an inherently stiff and well-damped constrained structure that incorporates the mechanically damped, controlled dispersion ports. Add the light-touch second-order crossover design and you have the hallmarks of the classic Raidho blueprint.

The result of all that care and attention to detail? Incredible presence, dynamics and harmonic resolution – loudspeakers with the natural expressive power, integration and lack of compression to deliver convincing musical performances in real-world environments.

Raidho C series - thoroughbred performance through thoroughbred design.

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